Geneen Roth Retreats

"Since coming to the retreat last year, I feel like a different person. I am much more at peace with myself and with the way I eat. I finally know what hunger feels like. I no longer walk around as a victim. And I am happy. That a person -- ME -- can grow so much in one year is staggering!" - Linda F., November 2016

During the retreat, you will learn a whole new way to relate to food — and explore the foundation upon which you build your life and your relationships.

“Coming to the retreat was the most life altering experience of my life -- second only to childbirth."



"Every retreat has been, for me, an opportunity to experience small miracles. But this time, the miracle was not small.  It was profound and life-changing and I am still amazed at the change in me.

"When you explained that the feelings were the issue, not the food …. BOOM!!!  It hit me like a shot. And in that moment, everything changed. The food and the restriction and the torture ended for me. Food contains no charge for me.  It seems, even now, almost impossible.  But it is the truth.  With the work at the retreats and all of the support afterwards, I now believe all beautiful things are possible for me."  - Pattie Gilmore, November Retreat Student

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"I barely have words to convey all that has changed for me. I notice an inner stability that never used to be there. I notice I am calm. I notice I am strong.  I used to feel like a water balloon on the inside, shifting, changing, reacting, exploding, about to collapse into nothingness at any given moment.  I never even considered the possibility that I could feel any different than that.  I never even really knew I felt like that until this retreat. I have such an overwhelming sense of love and gratitude.  Thank you so much for your guidance and support."  -  Trudie Barker, November Retreat Student


"I had an epiphany one day at the retreat, when I realized that I had to be my best friend. I needed to treat myself with loving kindness, not just wait for others to do so. Walking through the dunes at Asilomar, suddenly, what leapt out of me was: “I AM AWESOME!”  And I meant it.  And I felt it.  My life and my world felt totally changed in that moment."  -  Emily Oliver, NovemberRetreat Student

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"Recently I locked my keys in my car. Remote entry keys. No problem, I have a spare. So I go back to the car and push the button, nothing. “Oh no, guess I’ll have to call AAA.” Wait 45 minutes, show the guy that the key isn’t working, and he asks, “Did you try opening it?” “What?” “Did you try opening it?”  30 years unlocking car doors, only the last 4 with an electronic key, and I forgot how to do it manually!

"Why is this story important to me?  After the retreat at Asilomar, I have felt so much closer to my true self than I have ever been. The retreat was heartbreaking and it was glorious. I have felt at peace, blissful, loved and loving. I now have the keys to knowing myself.  I just have to use them and OPEN THE DOOR!"  -  Jennifer Breakwood, November Retreat Student


"I went on your retreat last fall. I tasted my food in a new way during the meditation meals. I'd been trying to do that since I read your book a couple of years ago and could never, not once make myself do it.  My experience at the retreat I compare to the scene in the Wizard of Oz where the world shifts from black and white to color.  It was that cool to really taste my food. During the week I was there plus the following week, I lost 10 pounds while tasting my food and reveling in gratitude.  I am glowing."  -  Beth Goodwin, November Retreat Student

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"I am writing because my life is different and so much better because of coming to the retreat. The key phrases I keep going back to are the ones that talk about our relationship with food being the doorway to our relationship to ourselves.  When I first heard those words, I understood on a vague intuitive level what you were talking about.  I knew it was true that my compulsive relationship with food was getting in the way of being in touch with being truly myself. But I also had no idea how I was to simultaneously overcome my compulsiveness and also use it as a doorway to self-discovery. Those two things seemed to be contradictory.

"In the two months since coming to your retreat, my life has completely turned around.  On the foundation of work we did and a growing sense of worthiness, I have seen some very practical changes in my life. Amazingly enough, I am following the Eating Guidelines -- eating when I am hungry, eating what my body wants, and stopping when I've had enough. And what's most amazing is that I don't feel the slightest bit deprived! I feel filled and energized. I am taking more pleasure in eating than I ever did in all my years of eating compulsively (when I ate everything I thought I wanted).

"I also love the fact that there is follow-up after the retreat. One of the most significant parts for me of having ongoing calls with my retreat buddy has been freedom from The Voice, the voice of judgement, the voice of criticism. I really understand now what you meant when you said that the biggest obstacle to any change is the voice that tells us we can't, the voice that tells us we are bad or wrong or a failure. The voice that just won't let us alone. This voice has quieted enough for me to make some major changes in my life.

"Finally, and most importantly, in the midst of making all of these wonderful changes, I have truly begun to come home to myself.  I am no longer leaving myself in the same self-destructive ways, and I am standing in my own being on good days and bad ones. As a result of being able to use my relationship with food as the doorway and learning how to simply be with myself, I have not eaten compulsively during these last few months, which have been one of the most difficult times of my entire life.  I feel happy again. "    -- Ellen Hurley, November Retreat Student

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" I was 26 years old when I walked away from an inpatient eating disorder hospital. I didn’t feel safe allowing anyone else to have that much control over my life. I didn’t believe that there was any reason to stop dieting. I was completely identified with the person that allowed the scale to control her life, to determine her value, her happiness. I didn't even know to hope for anything different. I believed that this life, this suffering, was as good as it was ever going to get. And then I was introduced to Geneen Roth.

"It took a day of repeatedly glancing at the Geneen Roth workshop flyer on my desk before I became curious. Could there really be something more to my issues with food than just wanting to control the size of my body? I didn't believe it, but divine intervention stepped in and I signed up. My life has not been the same since.

"Being the ultimate beginner, I first had to learn to trust a body that I had never lived in. I had to learn to go beneath the thoughts and the beliefs. To sit with myself at a deeper level than I had ever known existed. I had to consider who I was without my eating disorder, without my history. I had to allow for hope to reenter my life. And so it did.

"Over the years, I have committed my life to learning my truth. Now I know how to show up for myself and I understand the importance of treating myself with kindness. I have learned to nourish my body and to treat it with respect. Most importantly, I now know where home is. The life I was meant to be living started the day I risked everything and listened to a random stranger. Geneen, her teachers, and the retreat community -- they have all helped me become who I am today and to see what is possible for tomorrow.

"I have deep love and gratitude for every step of this journey. What is miraculous is that I truly know from the bottom of my heart that this life, this moment, is as good as it ever gets."          -  Karen Benjamin, November Retreat Student

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"I think the biggest thing I learned from the retreat is that it is possible to trust myself. I'm learning to trust myself around food which opens up into the rest of my life in relationships, parenting and into decisions for me and my family … which in turn has given me a sense of freedom that I really didn't think was possible.  'How I eat is how I live the rest of my life'  is an amazing doorway into seeing what is truly going on with me on a very deep level, if I am willing and honest. Every time I am willing to dive into this work I always get more of me back."    -- Juliette Thomas, November Retreat Student  


"When would the negativity, self-doubt and self-loathing end?  I am a successful 46 year old woman with a wonderful marriage and great kids and still I beat myself up over food daily, hourly, minute to minute.  I hated the site of my thighs and felt like when I walked in to a room the first thing others noticed was my overweight body -- not my kind nature, my beautiful green eyes or the smile and warmth on my face.  This had to change.  I needed to learn to be present and grateful and stop the absurd mindset I’d created (with the help of some ugly people from my youth).  So I decided that I needed to work on that issue for myself.

"I had no idea what to expect, and can’t truly put in to words the depth of gratitude I have for those who were there with me, who hugged me when it appeared I needed one, and who smiled and left me alone when that's what I needed. I have never been in a place with so many supportive individuals  -- and the power of that cannot be truly explained.  I went to places within myself that I didn’t realize I could get to, and mourned for the little girl who felt not good enough, and cried for the pain she endured.  I loved every second of this retreat, and could never have imagined the impact to my daily psyche that it has caused.  I don’t think about my size when I enter a room anymore, I think about my spirit and my accepting energy instead.

"Life is so fragile, so to continue the journey without loving myself fully was simply something I had to change.  Thank you Geneen, team and other attendees for helping me down this path.  I have so much gratitude for you all and the process."   -- Lucy Lansford, May Retreat Student

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A Kiss
"I'm standing in the security line at the San Jose Airport having just left a retreat with Geneen.  My heart is open as I watch a young boy run up and down the line with his turtle backpack high up on his shoulders.  Being a little top-heavy, it isn't long before the boy trips over his feet, landing face first on the ground.  He pauses, stands back up, and then starts to scream in despair.  His mother lovingly picks him up and holds him in a beautiful embrace.  Forty-three pounds (not including his backpack).  I know because his mother tells him she can only carry this weight for a few moments.  I nearly cry with the tenderness that this mother uses to comfort and support her son.  As she puts him down she gently kisses his forehead.  He in turn stops crying and then he places a kiss on his turtle's head.  And then ... she offers him a piece of candy. As if her love was not enough.

"Removing my shoes and jacket, preparing to place them on the security conveyor belt, I can't help but smile. I know what it means to have enough, to be enough. I have learned how to love myself, trust myself, and be present in the love and support I have in every moment. I no longer depend on the scale, the amount of calories I consume in a day to determine my value, my enoughness. When I am the one treating myself with kindness, kissing my own forehead in love, I can't help recognizing my abundant/blessed life. And as I take my seat to fly home, my heart is melting in the gratitude that love no longer comes disguised as a piece of chocolate."           -  Kay Brooks, November Retreat Student