FAQs: Live Streaming the Geneen Roth Workshop

Live Streaming - Geneen Roth Workshop


What is Live Streaming?

You are able to join virtually Geneen's workshop:  Ending Obsession: Make Life Long Peace with Food.  Plus you'll be able to watch the live feed from any of your internet connected devices.  After the live session has ended, you will have instant access to the replay of the session.

When is this happening?

Friday, March 1, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT  (USA Pacific time zone)

Saturday, March 2, 2019 at 9:00 am PT (USA Pacific time zone)

If you are living in a different city or country, you may check the exact times for the show using this time zone convertor.


What type of internet connection do I need to watch?

You need a minimum of 1.5Mb download Internet speed for our best quality, check at http://www.speedtest.net

We support most devices and operating systems: Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® Mac® or Linux OS with Adobe® Flash® or tablets including Google® Android™ devices and Apple® iPad® or iPhone® devices will work. We are streaming a lower bitrate feed that works over most 3G and 4G services. Please consult with your local access carrier for rules and regulations. Please be aware that we are not responsible for data connection charges to view the stream on any platform or service.

Do I need to download anything to view the live stream?

No. Once you have a ticket you have instant access to the Internet video stream. The video plays automatically in your browser. It works on PC, Mac®, tablet or smartphone. But you have to ensure you have a proper broadband connection for video.

Is my Credit Card secure?

Yes, fully! All transactions are through servers using SSL encryption, and payment processing meets the highest PCI compliance standards. Your card details will be stored securely on our banking server provided by Authorize.net.

Is the live stream available on mobile devices?

Yes it is! You can connect from your computer, phone or tablet anytime you want to. If you registered/purchased your ticket before on a different device, simply login with your private password again and you will have full access.

Can I book in advance? How do I access the show on the same day?

We actually recommend you book your ticket in advance. This way, you avoid the queue (even on internet, it can happen!). Then connect a few minutes before the show. Before the event goes live on the event day, you will see a static screen, so be patient!

Make sure you bookmark the access page (hot link sent via your confirmation email) to access the live stream and instant replays


My payment is rejected, what can i do?

It might be that your bank is refusing the payment, so you may try to contact them (see phone number at the back of your card). Alternatively, please try to use a different payment method.

If you continue to have problems, call Judy Ross, our manager, at 703-401-0871 and she will help get you registered.  NOTE: During the live presentation of this workshop, this contact number will be unavailable. Be sure to purchase your ticket in advance.

I have problem accessing the content I previously bought. What can i do?

Few options are available:

Option 1: Search your email inbox and your Spam/Junk folder for your confirmation of purchase email from GeneenRoth@GeneenRoth.com. Once found, click on the link and re-enter your private password if prompted. It should work!

Option 2: Clear your browser cache. You can find how to do it here. Then follow Option 1.   https://kb.wisc.edu/helpdesk/page.php?id=12384

Option 3: If it still doesn't work, possibly your initial order didn't go through. Please place another order. File a refund inquiry and attaching your receipt email to:  events@geneenroth.com. We'll proceed with refunds for valid double payments within 72 hours after the event.

The video or stream quality is bad, what can i do?

Check your internet connection is at least 1.5mgb; try reloading the page a few times or see if you can access the event from another browser and/or device.

Can I watch from different computers or phones at the same time?

Yes, when you registered/purchased on one computer/tablet/phone you can simply use the same credentials to watch on another device. You should bear in mind that your all access pass can be restricted when our systems detect abuse. To avoid your account being cut off, don't use more than 2 different devices during the live event.

Terms of Purchase Agreement:

Your $79 USD purchase of this Live Streaming event:  Women, Weight and Power: Transforming the Energy of Obsession, presented by Geneen Roth and Geneen Roth & Associates Inc., is a one-time, non-refundable, non-transferrable purchase.  This program is presented in the English language. At the time of purchase, you will receive a private password sent to you in your confirmation email receipt. This private password gives you full access to this event, streaming online, from March 1, 2019 through April 2, 2019.  At the end of the all access timeframe, your private password will be deactivated.