Geneen Roth Retreats

"At the retreat, something you said hit me like a shot and BOOM! In that moment, everything changed. The food and the restriction and the torture ended for me. Food contains no charge for me. It seems, even now, almost impossible. But it is the truth.” - Pattie Gilmore

During the retreat, you will learn a whole new way to relate to food — and explore the foundation upon which you build your life and your relationships.

“Coming to the retreat was the most life altering experience of my life -- second only to childbirth."

Ongoing Support

Because we believe in ongoing support, and because we see that it makes such a difference in forever changing your relationship with food, we have set up an extensive ongoing support system only available to retreat students:

  • Two small weekend groups with Geneen that are only open to retreat students.
  • Monthly group phone calls and morning meditation calls with Geneen or the co-teachers.
  • Phone small group sessions with one of the co-teachers for personalized support.
  • Peer support with other retreat students, to remain in contact with each other through phone calls and email.
  • Returning to retreats to continue the exploration of your relationship with food as the path to almost everything. Half of the students at the retreat are returning students. Using their relationship with food as the path to everything that matters has become an essential part of their life practice.