Geneen Roth Retreats

"At the retreat, something you said hit me like a shot and BOOM! In that moment, everything changed. The food and the restriction and the torture ended for me. Food contains no charge for me. It seems, even now, almost impossible. But it is the truth.” - Pattie Gilmore

During the retreat, you will learn a whole new way to relate to food — and explore the foundation upon which you build your life and your relationships.

“Coming to the retreat was the most life altering experience of my life -- second only to childbirth."


Asilomar Conference Center, where we will come together for this retreat, is located in the Monterey Bay area of California.

"The retreat at Asilomar was an exquisite experience. Thank you, thank you!"  - Amy Fraser

The Center is located on the Monterey Bay Peninsula on 107 acres of state beachfront land. Known as a "Refuge by the Sea," Asilomar is celebrated for its restored dune ecosystem and historic architectural significance.  Asilomar is committed to the care and protection of this unique setting, enabling guests to enjoy the unspoiled and tranquil surroundings. We've chosen this location for our retreat because it offers so much more than a place to talk and to understand: it is a place of peace and of joy.

Asilomar serves delicious meals in cafeteria style service. At each meal, you will have a range of choices, including non-dairy and gluten-free options, and will work to meet your special dietary needs.

Your lodgings are reserved and paid directly with the Asilomar Conference Center. Upon confirmation of your retreat registration, you will receive all the special Asilomar reservation form and information you need to make your room reservations.

Asilomar offers comfortable accommodations, with private baths and standard amenities. The room rates listed below are the total per person for all 5 nights at the retreat and include all of your meals and applicable state and local room taxes and food & beverage service fees.

Private Room:  $1370
Double Room:   $930

If you are not coming with another participant and wish to share a room, Asilomar will assign you a roommate based on information you share about your sleep patterns (e.g., light sleeper, snore, CPAP, etc.). It is our experience that the roommate you are assigned becomes a real gift – a new friend.

For more information about Asilomar, please visit their website at:

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