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"Since coming to the retreat last year, I feel like a different person. I am much more at peace with myself and with the way I eat. I finally know what hunger feels like. I no longer walk around as a victim. And I am happy. That a person -- ME -- can grow so much in one year is staggering!" - Linda F., November 2016

What People Say – On Retreat with Geneen

 Spending these six days away from your day-to-day life is a rare opportunity to work with Geneen in person and dive deeply into your relationship with food and all that it can reveal to you. During the retreat, you will learn a whole new way to relate to food — and explore the foundation upon which you build your life and your relationships. Over and over, throughout the retreat, you will have the direct experience of non-compulsive eating, amazing joy and sensing your body from the inside out. And once you know those things are possible for you, you can never go back to believing that they're not.
Explore this website for everything you want to know about the upcoming retreat:
  • Tuition Fees - We offer a range of tuitions, based on the accommodations you prefer.
  • Accommodations - Choose between a variety of accommodations.
  • Daily Schedule - The retreat offers a full day of activities from morning through the evening.
  • Transportation - Everything you need to know to travel to Mount Madonna Center.
  • Ongoing Support - How we support you after the retreat to continue
  • Stories from retreat students.
Take the leap. Join Geneen this fall for her 6-day retreat. Click on the link below to register securely online or call our retreat manager Judy Ross at: 703-401-0871. She would love to talk with you and answer all of your questions.
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